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In 2004, Molly graduated cum laude with a bachelor of music in Music Education. Specializing in voice and violin, Molly studied with Dr. Youngsuck Kim, Dr. Kenneth Sarch and Dr. Adrian Bryttan. Molly has also worked with the following vocal teachers after college- Melanie Galiardo, Greg Enriquez, Linda Balliro, and the amazing Seth Riggs.

A Holistic Approach to Finding the Power of Your Voice

As a voice teacher, I have spent decades learning and studying techniques that allow the voice to stay relaxed and connected. Learning how to free your voice and free your body while singing will enable you to stay connected with your voice and find joy in singing. I love that every voice is unique. My goal as a teacher is to support each student in finding the power and uniqueness of their sound. Discovering the power of your voice builds confidence and gives you the tools and ability to sing your best.

This holistic approach focuses on whole-body experience. As each part of our body aligns with one another, it supports and frees the voice. Understanding and releasing any tension that may be present in the body is explored in lessons.

You will learn warm-ups that will train your vocal cords to connect. You will learn to relax your larynx while singing. Most importantly, you will learn and understand the difference between chest voice, mix voice, and head voice- essential for singing flawlessly through your bridges.

As you free your voice, you will find greater ease of singing and speaking and discover the joy of singing.

Violin Lessons and Viola Lessons

Having a strong foundation is the stepping stone in learning how to play a violin or viola.

Achieving a good bow sound, playing in tune, proper rhythms, steady tempos and playing from your heart (musicality) are the main focuses in lessons. I encourage my students to be well rounded and learn several styles of playing such as classical, fiddle, improv, rock and pop music.

I believe each student has their own learning style and as most of these books work well for my students, I'm always open to changing to another lesson book if I feel it is better suited for the student.


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  • $65.00
    One Hour Lesson

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