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4 Quick Fixes for Pain-free Ukulele Strumming


Is strumming your uke with your pointer finger super uncomfortable? Here are the most common reasons that we’ve found that cause discomfort while strumming. Avoid these 4 things.


 1. Strumming On An Angle




Strumming on a side angle, instead of straight down, will cause the strings to clip where the bottom/side corner of your nail meets your skin. Ouch.


2. Bending Too Far Forward




If you are strumming straight down, keep your finger up. If you bend it too far forward, you’ll keep hitting where the bottom of your nail meets your skin. Double Ouch.


3. Strumming Over the Sound Hole


You’re going to want to strum over the fretboard, not over the sound hole itself. When you strum over the sound hole, your finger can get too  low, hitting the skin right where the nail and skin meets. They just can’t catch a break.


4. Really Really Short Nails




Okay, for this one, I’m talking really short nails, because you do not need long glamorous nails to play the ukulele. So, if tips 1-3 don’t help, you might just want to let your nail grow a little longer, but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to extend past the end of your finger itself.


Before you go


A quick reminder of how to strum down with your nail over the fretboard!


Strum Away!


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